UNIFAC Consortium Sponsors

The picture in this page shows the members of the UNIFAC Consortium with their logos. Click or tap on the logo to visit the home page of the respective company.

Huntsman MPI Linde Covestro ThyssenKrupp Sasol KIT Mitsubishi Chemical ChemStations OXEA ProSim BP Corbion nestejacobs Shell DeDietrich Roche Dow Schneider-Electric AkzoNobel Rolic Technologies Processium Lanxess Evonik Solvay GEA Conser SABIC Air Liquide BASF TU Graz ExxonMobil Siemens apc GlaxoSmithKline UOP Haltermann Eastman Lonza Firmenich Bayer Mitsui DSM Clariant IFP AstraZeneca LTP Nippon Refine Sponsors

List of UNIFAC Consortium Members

The following list shows all UNIFAC Consortium sponsors as of July 2016.

1   Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions  
2   SABIC  
3   Processium  
4   Linde  
5   Clariant  
6   Sasol  
7   Lanxess  
8   GlaxoSmithKline  
9   Givaudan  
10   Haltermann  
11   AkzoNobel  
12   Oxea  
13   Chemstations  
14   Huntsman  
15   Max-Planck-Institute  
16   ProSim  
17   Shell  
18   Evonik  
19   APC  
20   Siemens  
21   BP  
22   De Dietrich  
23   Dow Chemicals  
24   Nippon Refine  
25   Mitsui Chemicals  
26   Roche  
27   University of Kwazulu-Natal  
28   Neste Jacobs Oy  
29   Corbion
30   LTP  
31   Lonza  
32   Exxon  
33   DSM  
34   IFP Energie Nouvelle  
35   BASF  
36   Bayer Technology  
37   GEA-Wiegand  
38   Firmenich  
39   Solvay  
40   Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions  
41   Mitsubishi Chemical  
42   TU Graz  
43   Eastman  
44   Honeywell UOP  
45   Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
46   AstraZeneca  AstraZeneca
48   Schneider-Electric  Schneider-Electric
49   Covestro  Covestro
50   Rolic Technologies Ltd.  Rolic Technologies Ltd.

Latest News

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An Addendum to

“Further Development of Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund):
Revision and Extension 6”

has been published in the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data by the UNIFAC Consortium.

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