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Kinematic Viscosity of Acetone

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Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
C3H6O 58.080 67-64-1 Acetone
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Data Table

T [K] Kinematic Viscosity [m2/s] State Reference
278.15 4.59700004285E-07 Liquid 1
288.15 4.31900019748E-07 Liquid 1
293.15 4.00400011813E-07 Liquid 4
293.15 4.00700002956E-07 Liquid 6
298.15 3.831000015E-07 Liquid 3
298.15 3.84600014058E-07 Liquid 4
298.15 3.89400014456E-07 Liquid 1
298.15 3.97999997404E-07 Liquid 5
308.15 3.57200008239E-07 Liquid 1
310.95 3.48100002157E-07 Liquid 4
318.15 3.20200001624E-07 Liquid 1
318.15 3.33000002684E-07 Liquid 2
323.20 3.19299999774E-07 Liquid 4

List of References

Number Source
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