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Transition Temperature of Diethyl ether

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Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
C4H10O 74.123 60-29-7 Diethyl ether
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Data Table

T [K] P [kPa] State Reference
92.55   Glass > Crystal 2
149.85   Crystal 2 > Crystal 1 1

List of References

Number Source
1 Timmermans J.; Van Der Horst H.; Kamerlingh Onnes H.: Les points de congélation de liquides organiques purs comme repères thermométriques aux températures inférieures à 0°C. C.R.Hebd.Seanc.Acad.Sci.Paris 174 (1922) 365-367
2 Lesikar A.V.: Effect of Association Complexes on the Glass Transition in Organic Halide Mixtures. J.Phys.Chem. 80 (1976) 1005-1011

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