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Triple Point of Carbon dioxide

The experimental data shown in these pages are freely available and have been published already in the DDB Explorer Edition. The data represent a small sub list of all available data in the Dortmund Data Bank. For more data or any further information please search the DDB or contact DDBST.


Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
CO2 44.010 124-38-9 Carbon dioxide
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Data Table

T [K] P [kPa] State Reference
216.47 511.000 Solid-Liquid-Vapor 3
216.50   Solid-Liquid-Vapor 6
216.55   Solid-Liquid-Vapor 1
216.56 514.000 Solid-Liquid-Vapor 5
216.58   Solid-Liquid-Vapor 2
216.58 524.000 Solid-Liquid-Vapor 3
216.63 509.000 Solid-Liquid-Vapor 3

List of References

Number Source
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