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Compressibility (isentropic) of 1-Butanol

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Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
C4H10O 74.123 71-36-3 1-Butanol
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Data Table

T [K] Compressibility (isentropic) [/kPa] State Reference
298.15 8.0600000274E-007 Liquid 4
303.15 8.20999957796E-007 Liquid 3
303.15 8.30999965729E-007 Liquid 6
303.15 8.31999955153E-007 Liquid 2
303.15 8.42999952511E-007 Liquid 1
308.15 8.53999949868E-007 Liquid 5
313.15 8.9200000275E-007 Liquid 2
313.15 9.03999989532E-007 Liquid 1

List of References

Number Source
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