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Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Acetic acid butyl ester

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Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
C6H12O2 116.160 123-86-4 Acetic acid butyl ester
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Data Table

T [K] Thermal Expansion Coefficient [/K] State Reference
298.15 0.00123199995141 Liquid 1
303.15 0.00124300003517 Liquid 1
313.15 0.00126599997748 Liquid 1
323.15 0.00128999992739 Liquid 1

List of References

Number Source
1 Oswal S.L.; Oswal P.; Modi P.S.; Dave J.P.; Gardas R.L.: Acoustic, volumetric, compressibility and refractivity properties and Flory's reduction parameters of some homologous series of alkyl alkanoates from 298.15 to 333.15 K. Thermochim.Acta 410 (2004) 1-14

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