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Azeotropic Data

The experimental data shown in these pages are freely available and have been published already in the DDB Explorer Edition. The data represent a small sub list of all available data in the Dortmund Data Bank. For more data or any further information please search the DDB or contact DDBST.


No. Formula Molar Mass CAS Registry Number Name
1 C3H8O 60.096 67-63-0 2-Propanol
2 C4H8O 72.107 109-99-9 Tetrahydrofuran
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Data Table

Azeotropic Type T [K] P [kPa] yaz,1 [mol/mol] yaz,2 [mol/mol] Measurement Method Evaluation Source
none n.a. 101.325 n.a. n.a. n.a. Author 1
none n.a. 101.325 n.a. n.a. n.a. Author 2
none n.a. 101.325 n.a. n.a. Phase equilibrium DDBST from VLE 3

(yaz - vapor and liquid mole fraction)

List of Azeotrope Types

none zeotropic

List of References

1 Shnitko V.A.; Kogan V.B.; Sheblom T.V.: Liquid-Vapor Equilibrium in the System Tetrahydrofuran-Isopropyl Alcohol. Zh.Prikl.Khim. 42 (1969) 2389-2390
2 Yoshikawa Y.; Takagi A.; Kato M.: Indirect Determination of Vapor-Liquid Equilibria by a Small Ebulliometer. J.Chem.Eng.Data 25 (1980) 344-346
3 Khrennikova O.V.; Egorenko G.A.; Samsonova N.I.; Semenova L.V.; Rodina G.L.: Untersuchung des Dampf-Flüssig-Gleichgewichtes in binären Systemen Tetrahydrofuran-Beimischung. Chimiceskie reaktivy i osobo cistye vescestva 52 (1990) 51-58

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