Dr. Dana Constantinescu

Dr. Dana Constantinescu manages the UNIFAC Consortium since 2009 when she overtook this work from Dr. Antje Jakob.

Dana can be contacted by

  • E-Mail: constantinescu@ddbst.com
  • Telefone: +49 441 361819 191
  • Telefax: +49 441 361819 10

Dr. Dana Constantinescu

This page presents some of the scientfic publication of Dr. Constantinescu.

Selected publications

  • Horstmann, S-, Constantinescu D., Gmehling J., "Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Excess Enthalpy Data for Systems Containing N,N-Dimethylacetamide", J. Chem. Eng. Data., (2017), 62, 2776-2786, see http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.jced.7b00119
  • Constantinescu D., Gmehling J., "Further Development of Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund): Revision and Extension 6", J. Chem. Eng. Data., (2016), see http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/acs.jced.6b00136
  • Gmehling J., Constantinescu D., Schmid B., "Group Contribution Methods for Phase Equilibrium Calculations", Annu. Rev. Chem. Biomol. Eng., 24(6), 267-292(2015), see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26247292
  • Ince E., Lalikoglu M., Constantinescu D., "Liquid Phase Equilibria of Water + Acetic Acid + Dimethyl Carbonate Ternary System at Several Temperatures",(2014), see http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/je500332k
  • Ince E., Lalikoglu M., Constantinescu D., "Liquid Phase Equilibria of Water + Formic Acid+ Dimethyl Carbonate Ternary System at Several Temperatures", J.Chem.Eng.Data, 59(9), 2781-2787(2014)
  • Hiroyuki Matsuda, Makoto Fukano, Shinichiro Kikkawa, Dana Constantinescu, Kiyofumi Kurihara, Katsumi Tochigi, Kenji Ochi, Jürgen Gmehling, Ebulliometric determination and prediction of (vapor +liquid) equilibria for binary and ternary mixtures containing alcohols (C1-C4) and dimethyl carbonate J. Chem. Thermodyn.,44,1, 84-96 (2012)
  • Hiroyuki Matsuda, Hideyuki Takahara,Satoshi Fujino, Dana Constantinescu, Kiyofumi Kurihara, Katsumi Tochigi, Kenji Ochi, Jürgen Gmehling Selection of entrainers for the separation of the binary azeotropic system methanol + dimethyl carbonate by extractive distillation, Fluid Phase Equlibria,310;166-181 (2011)
  • Miyi Li, D. Constantinescu, L. Wang, A. Mohs, J. Gmehling Solubilities of NaCl, KCl, LiCl, and LiBr in Methanol, Ethanol, Acetone, and Mixed Solvents and Correlation Using the LIQUAC Model Ind. Eng. Chem. Research 49, 4981-4988 (2010).
  • Constantinescu D., Rarey J., Gmehling J., Application of COSMO-RS Type Models to the Prediction of Excess Enthalpies Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., 277, 1,8710-8725 (2009)
  • Constantinescu, D., Schaber, K., Agel, F., Klingele, M.H., Schubert, T.J.S.: Viscosities, Vapor Pressures, and Excess Enthalpies of Choline Lactate Water, Choline Glycolate + Water, and Choline Methanesulfonate Water Systems. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 52, 1280-1285 (2007).
  • Dana Constantinescu, Andreas Klamt and Dan Geana, Vapor–liquid equilibrium prediction at high pressures using activity coefficients at infinite dilution from COSMO-type methods Fluid Phase Equilibria, 231, 231-238 (2005).
  • D. Constantinescu, S. Sinanis, K. Schaber, Untersuchungen von Dampf-Flüssig-Gleichgewichten ionischer Fluide mittels FT-IR Spektroskopie, Wissenschaftliche Abschlussberichte 40. Internationales Seminar Juli 2005, 39-48 (2005).
  • D. Constantinescu, I. Wichterle, Isothermal Vapour-liquid Equilibria in Binary Systems Alkane – Chloroalkane, Revista de Chimie (Bucharest), 55 [2] 108-111 (2004).
  • D. Constantinescu, I. Wichterle, “Isothermal vapour–liquid equilibria and excess molar volume in the binary ethanol + methyl propanoate or methyl butanoate systems”, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 203;71-82 (2002).
  • D. Constantinescu, R. Wittig, J. Gmehling Azeotropic and Heats of Mixing Data for Various Binary Systems with Diethoxymethane Fluid Phase Equilibria 191; 99-109 (2001).
  • R. Wittig, D. Constantinescu, J. Gmehling, Solid-liquid equilibria in binary mixtures with ε-caprolactone Journal of Chemical Engineering Data, 46; 1490-1493 (2001).
  • D. Constantinescu, D. Geana, “Correlation and Prediction of Excess Volumes, Enthalpies and Heat Capacities using a General Cubic Equation of State”, Physical Chemistry, Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Bucharest, Romania, “R.I.C.C.C.E”, ed.12 , 26-31 (2001).

Selected conference or meeting oral presentations

  • Scientific-Technical Cooperation Between OAO Gazprom and Wintershall Holding GmbH, October 9th, 2012, Münster;

Status of predictive thermodynamic models for process design. Constantinescu, D., Gmehling, J.

  • Eighteenth Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, University of Colorado Campus, Boulder, Colorado, 24-29 June, 2012;

Present Status of the Group Contribution Methods UNIFAC and Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund). Revision and Extension, Constantinescu D., Gmehling J.

  • Meeting "Ingenieurdaten", 2008, Erlangen/Germany;

Test und Weiterentwicklung der Methoden COSMO-RS(Ol) und COSMO-SAC sowie Entwicklung einer Gruppenbeitragsabschätzung für Sigma-Profile, Constantinescu D., Rarey J., Gmehling J.

  • UNIFAC/DDBST Meeting 2008, September, Oldenburg/Germany

GC-COSMO-RS, J. Rarey , D. Constantinescu.

Selected posters

  • 25th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics 2011, Saint Petersburg, Russland

Phase behavior of systems containing biofuel components and 1,3-dioxolane derivatives as additives: experimental study and modeling Yakovleva M.A., Vorobyov E.N., Prikhodko I.V., Pukinsky I.B., Smirnova N.A., Bölts R., Constantinescu D.G., Gmehling J. (276)

Present Status of the Group Contribution Methods UNIFAC and Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund). Revision and Extension, Constantinescu D.G., Gmehling J. (318),

  • COSMO-RS Symposium 2009, Leverkusen

Application of COSMO-RS Type Models to the Prediction of Excess Enthalpies, Constantinescu D.G., Rarey J., Gmehling J.

Latest News

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16th Joint DDBST User and UNIFAC Consortium Member Meeting Closed

The 16th joint DDB user and UNIFAC consortium member meeting took place on Tuesday, September 18th

We were very happy that we could welcome participants from a wide variety of companies and countries. We had several customer lectures together with several talks of our own people.

We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and hope we will keep in touch and see most of this year's participants also in the next year.



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